Six Months into 2017

When you’re a freelancer, it never hurts to take stock of your business now and then. Some do it weekly, some monthly, some annually. How often you check your progress doesn’t really matter, as long as you do it now and then.

Some people track their income, how much they’ve invoiced in a given period, or how many new clients they’ve landed. Me? The bulk of my work involves writing articles, so I’ll be tallying my published work.

Here goes….


  • “‘Nashville’ Comes Home (to some of us, anyway),” January 3, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “2C Creative Leads ‘Nashville’ Home,” January 5, 2017 Promax BDA Brief
  • “TV’s New Favorite Family,” January 11, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “New and Improved,” January 31, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times


  • “Checkout Time at ‘Bates Motel,'” February 14, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “Adam Levine’s Most Memorable Moments on ‘The Voice,’” February 10, 2017, Variety
  • “Alton Brown on Film,” February 22, 2017, Variety
  • “Message from Mars,” February 2017, emmy


  • “A Pair of Very Different Cold Wars,” March 1, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “Cooking Up Fun With Alton Brown,” March 21, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “CableFax 100,” (multiple listings) Spring 2017, Cablefax: The Magazine


  • “The Doctor Is In,” April 12, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “New York Women’s Impact Reports: Glenda Hersh, Casey Patterson, Catherine Kim,” April 18, 2017, Variety


  • “The Handmaid’s Relevant Dystopia,” May 1, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “Urban ONE: New Name, Bigger Business, May 11, 2017, Promax BDA Brief
  • “Time Travel Trickery,” May 17, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “All-Access Artist” May 2017, emmy
  • “New, Minus the Views,” May 2017, emmy
  • “The Ever After,” May 2017, emmy
  • “That Sundance Esteem,” May 2017, emmy


  • “TruTV’s ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Promotes Facts in the Age of Fakery,” June 6, 2017, Variety
  • “Adam Conover’s Top Five ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Episodes,” June 6, 2017, Variety
  • “Summer Fun,” June 7, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “Great British Baking Show,” June 14, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “Short Form Content Attracts Big Interest From Production Houses,” June 16, 2017, Variety
  • “Emmys: It Takes a Village to Make Reality Competitions Pop,” June 19, 2017, Variety
  • “British Mysteries,” June 21, 2017, Tube Talk, Rock River Times
  • “Singing the Cues,” #1 June, 2017, emmy
  • “Elite Street,” #1 June 2017, emmy
  • “Nice Guise,” #1 June 2017, emmy
  • “Guts and Gory,” #1 June, 2017, emmy
  • “Class Mate,” #1 June 2017, emmy
  • “Top Shop,” #2 June 2017, emmy
  • “This Brother’s a Keeper,” #2 June 2017, emmy

While it looks like June is my busy month, my thoughtful emmy editors always assign for the two June issues well ahead of time.

For more information on these articles, and links as available, please check my clips page.

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