“A resourceful reporter and engaging writer, Paula regularly juggles assignments that can feel like herding cats with professionalism and pizzazz. Her work for Cablefax: The Magazine requires she track down numerous contacts for executive profiles and condense sizable quantities of information into succinct stories, at times under the kind of deadline others would balk at. Her response is always “Yes” and the work she delivers is on time and in excellent shape. To boot, she’s a very nice person.” — Cathy Applefeld Olson, Editor, Cablefax: The Magazine

“Paula Hendrickson is a consummate professional and a gifted writer. It was a pleasure to work with her. Her track record as a writer for prestigious entertainment publications speaks for itself, but she has the agility to write just as compellingly on multiple topics in both mainstream journalism and in corporate communications.” — Daniel Nearing, Writer/Director, 9/23 Films

“Paula is a perfect freelancer. She locates fantastic sources (even for obscure subjects. She never gives up!). She always keeps the lines of communication open, and her articles are polished and easy to read – just what we look for!” — Laura Slauson, Editor, XAP Corporation

“Paula wrote an article for FatWallet during Black Friday, which is our busiest season. Paula was exceptionally professional and worked very hard to make sure the final product was exactly what we were looking for. She matched the voice and writing style of the company, was very prompt with producing the work, and was overall very pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Paula for any article or copywriting projects.” Mika Doyle, Content Marketing Manager, FatWallet

“Paula is a first-rate writer and copy editor. Simply put, she writes clear, compelling content in a variety of forms – blog posts, bylined articles, white papers — that helped drive my company’s visibility with our targeted audiences. Moreover, Paula brings a lot of ‘smarts’ to the table. Her story ideas and desire to help clients achieve their goals through her writing make her a valuable asset and resource.” — David Powers, Director of Marketing at DealerRater (commenting on work done for his previous employer, GotVMail)

 “Paula wrote for my magazine [Cablevision] regularly for several years, and I quickly came to rely on her for her consummate professionalism. Her work always came in on time, well-written and thoroughly researched and reported. I never heard anything but good things about her from the people she interviewed. I am delighted to recommend her without reservation.” — Rick Schindler, Senior Editor, TodayShow.com

“Paula is a freelancer I relied upon frequently to deliver long-format features for our national trade magazine [Point-of-Purchase]. She conducted interviews with marketing, creative, and advertising execs and consistently turned out well-written feature stories ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 words. Her features covered the strategy and implementation of their in-store advertising campaigns and frequently were featured on our cover. Her stories required minimal editing and she always worked within our production schedule. It was a pleasure to work with such a reliable, professional, and talented writer.” — Laurie Najjar, former editor, Point-of-Purchase

“Paula is a dependable and competent freelance writer who produces crisp, accurate editorial copy in a timely manner.” — Janine Pumilia, Managing Editor, Northwest Quarterly Magazine

“Paula is a friendly, well-rounded individual with sharp writing skills. She retooled my resume to make it more visible and appealing to potential employers. Her retooled resume gained me more interviews than my previous resume. As a professional freelance writer, she has written for hundreds of publications including Variety and emmy magazine. Her articles are engaging, informative, and draw the reader in. She’d be an asset to any publication lucky enough to have her!” – Connie Wang, Clearance Manager, Production at Amazon Studios