A Community of Writers

Being part of a supportive community of full-time freelance writers is a wonderful thing. Not only are the other writers kind, funny, and insightful, they aren’t afraid to share their own challenges with others.

A couple weeks back one of those writers, Lori Widmer—creator of Writers Worth Month—was neck deep in deadlines and asked if I’d like to contribute a guest post to her Words On The Page blog. Of course I said yes. Her blog is one of a handful of writing blogs I read on a regular basis. Scroll through a few posts and you’ll see why. Lori has built a truly supportive community through her website and connects writers who might never have otherwise met.

My guest post, about the virtues of an occasional lazy day, can be found here.

One of the many wonderful and supportive writers I’ve met through Lori’s blog is Jenn Mattern, the brains behind another one of my favorite writing blogs, All Indie Writers. If there’s anything you want to learn about the business of writing, you can find it on Jenn’s blog.

As night owls, Jenn and I often get caught up in late night Twitter exchanges (frequently with the delightful Princess Jones, another person I probably wouldn’t have “met” if not for this generous community of writers). Last night our tweet fest was about music and confidence. It happened to fit well with a blog post Jenn was planning, so she asked if she could include part of our exchange. Another hard yes. (Modesty may have prevented her from including the bit where Princess and I were commenting on Jenn’s seemingly boundless energy.)

You can read Jenn’s post here.

With so many great, established writing blogs already out there, you can understand why I decided not to attempt a regular blog about writing. I’m content reading many of the existing blogs and contributing guest posts when asked.

If you’re a writer, do yourself a favor and check out Lori and Jenn’s blogs now.